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Rules & Regulations:

Proficiency Levels

BEGINNER: (Level 1) the dancer new to competition, taking less than 3 hours of class time per week. 

 COMPETITIVE: (Level 2)  the dancer  taking 3-6  hours of class time per week.

ADVANCED: (Level 3) the dancer taking 7+ hours of class time per week.

*Placement of dancers in proficiency levels is left to the discretion of choreographer. However if the judges feel placement is incorrect the level will be automatically changed for Nationals.

Age Divisions:

Mini: 2-4yrs, 5-6yrs Petite: 7-9yrs, Junior: 10-12yrs,

Teen: 13-15yrs, Senior: 16-19yrs  Adult: 20yrs-up

 Age Divisions are determined by the average age of the dancers as of January 1st of the given dance competition year. Ages will remain the same at Nationals.  All decimal points are dropped. Birthdates are required on entry forms and team rosters.

High Score will awarded by age division in each level. 

Performance Categories

Tap: A routine consisting of tap technique and may not have tap sounds in music.

Ballet: A routine consisting of classical ballet technique.  

Pointe: A routine consisting of classical ballet technique. *Pointe shoes only* 

Lyrical: A routine in which choreography is done utilizing the mood & lyrics of music. Focus on extensions, balance & control.

Contemporary: A routine that combines elements of several dance genres including jazz/lyrical.

Modern: A routine consisting of interpretive movements of abstract ideas.

Jazz: A routine consisting of jazz technique focusing on isolations, jumps, turns, combinations.

Hip Hop: A routine consisting of street style movements. Breakdance may be included in this category

Street Jazz: A routine consisting of street style movements with a jazz influence.

Musical Theater: A routine portraying a recognizable character or from a Broadway musical or movie. Lip sync is permitted.

Novelty: A routine where the use of props or extensive costuming is 50% or more of the choreography. 

Acro/Dance: A routine with the combination of Acro & dance movements.

Open: A routine consisting of more than 1 technique or that does not fit into one of the above categories. Studios can use this category for any routine in which a solo/group would otherwise compete against themselves. 

Special Categories:

*Student Choreography*: A routine in which the student has done the choreography-any dance style.

*Student/Teacher*: A routine in which at least 1 performer is an instructor.

*Photogenic*: 8x10 solo/group photo in performance costume labeled with studio name & song title. To be handed in during music check in however entry for this category must be done by  the 35 day deadline with other studio entries. Photos will be returned.

*A limit of 4 Acro tricks are allowed in all categories. The same trick performed simultaneously by members of a group and all passes will be considered 1 trick. A 2 point per trick deduction will be made per judge if limit is exceeded. Acro Dance and Open are unlimited.

 Categories & Time Limits

Solo: 1 performer: 3 minutes

Duo/Trio: 2-3 performers:  3 minutes

Small Group: 4-9 performers:  3 minutes

Large Group: 10-19 performers:  3 minutes

FIERCE Group: 20 or more performers:  4 minutes

Production: 20 or more performers: at least 5 minute minimum/8 minute maximum.

*Once you have been introduced you will be timed. All entrances & exits are included in your given time limit as well. A 1 point deduction will be made for every 30 seconds over the time limit. Extra minutes may be purchased at time of entry.

*All music must be cued to start and end. We do not fade out music upon exit.

*All entries must be handed in on separate CDs labeled with studio name, song title & entry number.

Scoring & Awards

Scoring is done according to an Ordinal System as well as an Adjudicated Score Grid. A panel of 3 judges each with a possible 100 points will determine placement according to the following:


Stage presence & Execution of piece


Costume/Overall Appearance 

Each proficiency level will follow a unique adjudication in order to have a fair competition experience:

Platinum: 280-300 / Fierce Gold: 270-279.9 / Gold: 260-269.9 / Fierce Silver: 250-259.9
Silver: 249.9 & lower

Fierce Platinum: 292-300 / Platinum: 285-291/9 / Fierce Gold: 275-284.9 / Gold: 265-274.9 / Fierce Silver: 255-264.9
Silver: 254.9 & lower

Fierce Platinum: 295-300 / Platinum: 290-294.9 / Fierce Gold: 280-289.9 / Gold: 270-279.9 / Fierce Silver: 260-269.9
Silver: 259.9 & lower

*Ordinal Awards* will be given in each Proficiency Level according to Age Level & Performance Category. If alone in a category, placement will only be given if the routine receives a Platinum medal. 

*Adjudication Awards* will be given for every routine on the above basis. Pins will be given to all dancers in every routine. Trophies will be awarded to the 1st place scoring routine in each category/age division. 

 *High Score Awards* will be given in each Proficiency Level according to Age Division and Team Category:

Solo, Duo/Trio, Groups, Large Groups, Fierce Groups/Productions 

 *Fierce Entry Money Awards* will be given to the Top Overall Highest Scoring Routine in each Proficiency Level in the case of a Top 10.

 Solo Title Awards

Solo Title will be awarded in each age division in Competitive & Advanced (in each level separate)

Dancers who choose to compete for Title are also eligible for Overalls.

Title is judged completely separate from the dance portion of the performer's solo.

Title is judges on overall presentation of the piece where each component will be considered equally.

Our 1st overall soloist in a given age and proficiency level does not automatically win Title.

A dancer may run for Title with a maximum of 3 solos.

All Regional Title Winners must compete for Title at Nationals.

Title age divisions are as of age as of January 1st.

Special Awards

* At each session, judges special awards will be given out for various aspects of the performance.*

*Photogenic Award, Sportsmanship Award, Best Costume Award, Outstanding Choreography *


All routines with a Regional Gold or higher are eligible to compete at our National Championship.

All age divisions are the same as competed at Regionals.


At every Regional Event, one group routine from each studio will be nominated to compete in the Fierce Face-Off at our Nationals. The routine will be chosen according to a combination of showmanship, entertainment value, connection with audience and piece, sharpness in performance and choreography, costuming and appearance. The routine will compete in its regular Category during Nationals and perform again on the final day of Nationals at the FIERCE FACE-OFF.  Each qualifying studio must enter 5 or more group/production dances to the National Event in order to participate in FIERCE FACE-OFF.

Regulations Regionals & Nationals:

-All money paid to Fierce Dance Challenge in non refundable.

-Any entry dropped/removed/cancelled for any reason after payment has been received will be given a credit toward a future event.

Any routine pulled day of event will not be credited.

-Fierce Dance Challenge reserves the right to cancel/change tour dates without notice.

-All entries must be received paid by our office by the indicated 30 day deadline.

-All entries must be accompanied by a Full Payment. Studio/Certified Check . Credit Card Payments are accepted online.

-Media Fees are charged per dancer online and are a mandatory entry fee.

-If your check is returned unpaid by your bank, a $35 processing fee will be added to your entry balance.

-A performance schedule will be emailed to the Studio Director 7 days prior to event. All dancers must compete at the indicated time for their category or will cause for a point deduction.

-All special requests must be indicated on the entry forms.

-Dancers may only compete with 1 studio. No independent entries will be accepted.

-Any dancer who exits the stage during a performance will not be given a second performance opportunity. The routine will receive an adjudication score onl

-If for any reason a routine cd skips/stops the dancer must continue performing. In the event a back up copy is provided, a second performance opportunity will be provided. However, all routines will be scored on their 1st performance. Please be sure to bring unused/original copies of your music.

-All music must be submitted 30 minutes before the start of each session. Each routine must be submitted on a separate CD labeled with the Studio Name and Routine Name.

-All music must be a “radio edit” version. No explicit language. All choreography must be for a family audience or will cause for a disqualification.

-Photography/Video are NOT permitted at any event. The usage of any recording device will cause for a Studio disqualification per entry.

-Fierce Dance Challenge and any host venue are not responsible for any lost/stolen misplaced items.

-Fierce Dance Challenge, our affiliates, and host venues are not responsible for any injuries sustained during participation.

-Coaching by anyone in audience or stage wings is strictly prohibited.

-Props requiring extensive set up and break down must be approved prior to event via email. Building of props is prohibited on our stage.

-No food, drink or spray glitter allowed in dressing areas.

-Scores are final. Do not approach Judges regarding scores.

-Good sportsmanship is expected at all times from dancers, studio faculty as well as audience members. Solicitation of anyone from any studio member is prohibited.